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Global Bambini was founded in 2015 by Tammy Kennedy, who owned and operated Montessori of Alameda a school that educates children birth to age six.  She founded the Ivy School, the first Montessori Public Elementary School for children first to eighth grade in Portland, Oregon.

Tammy is the founder of Maria's Place, a sliding scale program for low income families.  She is a consultant to Montessori schools and started a Teacher Education Program for American Montessori Society.  She opened the first Montessori outdoor program for children under the age of six called "Into the Woods".  It is her love of Montessori and nature that brought Global Bambini to life. 


She observed the need for clothing, puzzles and books that reflected the teachings and philosophy of Maria Montessori and the modern day Montessori classroom environment. 

As an administrator and teacher, she recognized there were few options available in the market for administrators, teachers and parents to purchase clothing, books, and accessories that brought young children in tune with nature and the world around them. 

Consequently, parents and educators struggle with finding these items with a design and fabrication that is nature based. As an educator, Tammy started making materials for her own school and the children enrolled in her class.  With infant and toddler and preschool classrooms, Tammy was inspired to make Montessori puzzles  and write books that taught children about animals that live in nature. Her first collection is the Woodlands with 18 characters in all. 

The brand's objectives include developing a line of clothing and accessories that are aligned with the Montessori philosophy and serve as a fun and engaging way for children to learn about nature through storytelling.  She has plans in the works to expand the line to other biomes and also the cultures of children all over the world.  

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