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Organic Egyptian Cotton Undies

Cotton Undies

Putting children in undies and a T-shirt instead of a onesie gives the child the opportunity to be successful using the toilet.


Steps towards Independence in toileting:

  1. Put your child in undies at home.

  2. No outer wear to make taking off clothes easier.

  3. Utilize a safe step stool with railings for security and a child size toilet seat.

  4. If the undies are soiled say “your wet, let’s get dry pants.”

  5. We recommend not calling soiled undies and accident as it is a natural body function.

  6. Change the child standing up next to the toilet with a mirror so they can see themselves.

  7. Model that feces goes in the toilet.

  8. Be matter of fact with your communication. No praise and no rewards o punishments. No negative language.

  9. We do not want the child to feel bad about eliminating in their pants and we do not want to reward them as the reward is dry pants.

  10. Read the book Toilet awareness by Sarah Moudry

Organic Egyptian Cotton Undies

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